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Since ancient times, sculpture has been a medium for human expression. Centuries-old artifacts that have been discovered and the many that are still standing today bear testimony to this fact. Archaic forms immensely influenced Greek sculpture in its initial days. Depiction of the human form came into being during the classical and Hellenistic eras, which was a great inspiration for centuries of European art. American sculpture began emerging along more abstract lines during the 1930s when sculptors came in contact with modern European work.

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Sculpture is a man-made art form that is based upon creating three-dimensional representations of natural or imagined forms. They are of many kinds and abstract forms including sculpture in the round, which can be viewed from any direction. Another popular technique is the incised type, wherein lines are cut into a flat surface. This art form clinches wide-ranging techniques that substantially form the character of the work. Methods used include modeling, carving, casting and construction.

Modeling allows the adding or subtracting of extraneous material and is extremely flexible. The original block from which material must be subtracted strictly limits creativity in the carving method of sculpturing. Therefore, at times, carvers use an alternative to construction, wherein detached sections of similar or different material are manually attached. Casting is a duplication method to copy an original art form. This also makes it probable to incorporate certain effects that are unrealistic in the other methods of sculpturing. Heavy art work, which would require exterior support in clay or stone can stand unaided when lighter-weight means of hollow cast metal are used.

These primary methods have undergone slight modification through the centuries. Hand modeling in waxes, papier-mâché and clay has remained unchanged. However, firing of clay, terra cotta and glossy ceramics has undergone considerable change. Sculptures are now being created using contemporary materials such as plastic. To facilitate the undertaking of epic works, several mechanical methods have been developed for calculating the magnitude of the original form.


Sculptors of the modern genre are producing abstract and figurative works by collecting and utilizing junk objects. Very often, the entire surroundings have been shaped to create adequate space that will allow a viewer to move inside the work. Irrespective of the medium of creation or material used, the art form of sculpturing will continue to evoke admiration and awe in the people who view it.

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