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About Graphics Cards

A graphics card is the part of a computer which enables the computer to convert logical information into viewable images or signals that can be viewed on displays like computer monitors, LCD or projectors. The central processing unit (CPU) sends information about image to the graphic card. The graphics card then processes the information and sends it to the monitor to produce the best possible viewable image supported by its specifications. They are also known as video cards, graphic adapters and graphic controllers etc.

A graphic card has complex functions. It is connected to the motherboard, monitor, processor, and memory and works in coordination with all these components. Some graphic cards have additional connections for TV, analog and digital cameras. These days graphic cards are usually available as integrated in the motherboards, but add-ons are also available.

Brands of Graphics Cards

There are many kinds and brands of graphic cards. While selecting a graphic card, one should check out the CPU speed. A graphic card is good only as long as the CPU speed can support its functions. One also needs to check whether specifications of the computer are compatible with the graphic card. The specifications of a graphic card decide the quality of image produced such as the colors it can display, number of pixels and so on. For basic use of computer like typing, browsing or simple games, graphic cards integrated in the motherboards are quite sufficient. Advanced and high memory graphic cards are required for high end gaming, fast internet surfing for easy download of pictures and designers with lot of 3-D work. Computer games are also becoming complex and 3D in nature and so are the graphic cards to support them. To upgrade, old graphic cards can be replaced by new ones easily by anybody. In some graphic cards, there is a possibility of adding more memory without changing the card completely.

Thus, what we see on a computer is actually courtesy of graphic cards. Without a graphic card, we would just be looking at dots known as pixels. The specification of a graphic card finally decides what happens to these pixels and the quality of the final output.

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Graphics Cards