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About Calligraphy

Calligraphy is a unique form of art in Asian Cultures. It is among the four basic skills nee of the Chinese Literati.

It is regarded as an abstract and sublime form of art in the Chinese culture and is said to be very revealing of one's personality. Its importance goes a long way to choosing executives in the Imperial Court. Different from other visual art techniques, all calligraphy strokes are the same and unbroken, thus demanding careful planning and confident execution-very similar to the skills needed for an executive. Even though calligraphy is confined to the structure of words or characters, there can be many creative ways for self-expression.

The key in good calligraphy is to control the concentration of ink, the porosity and thickness of paper, and flexibility of the brush. There are an infinite variety of styles and forms that an artist may create. This is in contrast to western calligraphy, where diffusing ink blots and dry brushstrokes are signs of impromptu expression rather than a fault.

Calligraphy Fonts

The font-like uniformity of western calligraphy and homogeneity of characters is only a craft. The artist may seek mental exercises through calligraphy that coordinate the mind and the body to select the style in his expression and content of the words he is writing. The exercise is very disciplined yet very relaxing for a person who is concerned with his physical and spiritual well being. One of the qualities of a calligraphy artist is his longevity. Many of the famous calligraphy artists led a long and fruitful life.

Other popular East Asian Calligraphy includes Japanese and Korean. Koreans and Japanese consider calligraphy as a national treasure and a heritage worth preserving. In Japan, kids compete over the best calligraphy when school begins.

Famous Painters Picasso and Matisse, influenced by Orientalism, are two artists who openly declare the influence by Chinese calligraphy on their works.

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