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Have you been looking all over the internet for art and art related information?  I know, it's hard to find sites that are, actually,  all about art.  It seems that there is always some sales pitch going on.  Now, you have no more worries.  Though we will gladly put you in touch with any artist, we don't sell art.  We simply list every art related website on the net!  Websites where you can buy fine art pieces, get artwork appraised or, just find the most pertinent information about artists and art.  Hey, I love art.  I want to help you love art, too.  We have the most extensive information for emerging and aspiring artists.  Therefore, you'll see them here before you'll see them elsewhere.  This site is about every art niche and artist.

For emerging artists:  We will immediately list your website or help you make one.  Its easy.  Don't spend thousands of dollars before talking to me.

For art dealers:  Same goes to you.  We will immediately list your link.  Send it to ray@iheartart.com.  We have a lot of art lovers perusing our pages.

For art appraisers:  We get people asking us all the time, "Where can I find out how much this is worth?"  Let us list your website or other contact information.

For art lovers:  This is I Heart Art!  We welcome you!

Untitled by Jennifer Shaw:
Art by Jennifer Shaw.  I Love Art.  Websites about the arts!
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Up to 80% off art and craft supplies!

Online art gallery.  A huge collection of independent online arts



Artist Liz Trong adding finishing touches to Bamboo Moon.  Click photo to enter gallery.

Step into our online art gallery.  We have many independent artists displaying today.  You may find your new favorite work of art.  Many of our artists offer online sales of their works.  We offer totally secure credit card billing and many accept checks.

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Online Art Gallery!

Here is our link directory.  Choose a topic and click!

Art Appraisers Appraisals 2
Art Artist Contests 1
Art Artist Publications 2
Art Arts Business 2
Art Arts Education 3
Art Conventions Shows 1
Art Destinations Travel 3
Art Gallery - Paintings 3
Art Insurance Insurer 1
Art Museums 3
Art Museums N America 1
Art News Arts in the News 1
Art Research Science 2
Art Supplies Resources 2
Artist Artists Resources 1
Online college degrees
Artists Artist Websites 11
Arts Art By Location 3
Arts Art Lovers 2
Arts Culture Guide 2
Arts Management 1
Australian Fine Art 1
Buy Art Sell Art Fine Art 5
Collectibles Collectors 1
Conservation Restoration 2
Culture Kultur 3
Equine Art Horse Arts 1
Fine Art Exhibition 2
Fine Art on the Internet 3
Graphic Design For Web 1
Impressionism 1
Best online degrees
Miniature Art Artists 1
Multi-Dimensional 1
New Artist Opportunities 2
Oil Reproductions 2
Online Art Gallery 7
Shipping Worldwide 1
Stolen Missing Artwork 2
Studio Furniture 1
Vincent Van Gogh 6
Virtual Art Gallery 1
Web Advertising Art 1
Websites About Art Arts 4
World Art Global Arts 1
College degree
Graduate online


Artists.  Get a free online gallery from I love art!  I heart art!  Fine art Buy and Sell.  Appraisers and dealers.!  Now!  Click here and sell your art online.  FREE!

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